Information about Instilla Srl - Startup Innovative

Information about Instilla Srl, according to the regulations of Innovative Startups, as per Decree Law No. 179 of 18 October 2012, converted into law by Law No. 221 of 17 December 2012 on Innovative Startups

Date and place of incorporation, name and address of the notary: 30 January 2015, Piacenza c/o Notary Carlo Brunetti, 29122 Piacenza - Via IV Novembre n. 132

Head office and any branch offices: registered office, Via Carducci 8 Milan, 20123; operational office, Via Copernico 38 Milan, 20125

The purpose of the company is

Short description of the activity carried out, including R&D activity and expenditure:
The purpose of the company is:

  1. design and implementation of software with the aim of innovating digital marketing processes, in order to automate, semi-automate or apply human-based automation concepts to processes traditionally carried out manually, allowing a greater focus on digital marketing activities with high added value;
  2. design and development of software to innovate appointment and sales processes, through mobile applications that allow third-party agents to broker sales of products and services available through a market-place, and manufacturers and service providers to use this market-place to speed up the creation of a sales network and limit management costs;
  3. sale and marketing of user licences for the software referred to in points 1 and 2 above management of online visibility packages on search engine maps through geo-localised seo activities. To implement these projects, 90,536 euros were spent on research and development in 2015, through the work of the directors and specialised external consultants, broken down as follows: Technology Development Euro 59,826; Non-capitalised expenses Euro 30,710. Thus respecting the ratio of 15% of the greater of costs and value of production. In 2016, 41,166 euros were spent on research and development through the work of directors, employees and specialised external consultants, distributed as follows: capitalised expenses 32,986.46 euros; operating expenses 8,180.98 euros. The ratio of 15% of the greater of costs and production value was thus respected.

List of partners, with transparency with respect to trusts, holdings, with self-certification of truthfulness
The partners of the company are:
1. Paolo Meola;
2. Donatella Cambosu;
3. Marco Jean Aboav;
4. Francesco Magagnini;
5. Chin Beirong;
6. Massimo Monzio Compagnoni;
7. Fondazione Maieutics;
8. MGH7 Srl Semplificata;
9. Wonder SPA;
10. Nuvolab Srl;
11. Mediafaber Srl;
12. FMB Srl. Instilla Srl, in the person of its Sole Director Paolo Meola self-certifies the accuracy of this information.

List of investee companies
There are no investee companies.

Indication of the educational qualifications and professional experience of the partners and staff working in the innovative start-up, excluding any sensitive data.
The qualifications of the members are as follows:
1. Master's degree;
2. Master's degree;
3. Master's degree and Professional Master's Programmes;
4. Master's degree and Professional Master's Programmes;
5. Qualification obtained in China;
6. Master's degree;
7. 8. 9. 10. 11. e 12 are legal person. The start-up company employs an intern with a Bachelor's degree and the CEO Paolo Meola with a Master's degree. External collaborators are mainly university graduates, except for occasional collaborations with secondary school graduates.

Indication of the existence of professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centres.Instilla is currently incubated at Nuvolab Srl.

Last deposited balance sheet, in XBRL standard
The balance sheet can be found at the following link: Annual Report and Notes 2016

List of industrial and intellectual property rights.A trade mark application has been filed and is still being processed.