Making digital marketing a tool accessible for everyone by becoming an example of it.
This is our Vision.

Whoever joins Instilla is immediately put in a position to learn or improve their professionalism. In fact, in our Blueprint it’s possible to find training programs for each member of the team. They come in two variations: vertical, for those who intend to become experts in a specific digital marketing subject, and horizontal, for those who also want to investigate issues outside their department.

The horizontal programs are mainly designed for those who want to pursue a career as a strategist and become a Project Leader, but the programs are recommended to the entire team in order to identify opportunities for integration between the subject areas involved in the projects. These programs are integrated with periodic training sessions that involve the whole team, with a view to exchanging updates on new developments in the various disciplines or projects.

Our training services

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We build customized projects for companies that want to advance in digitization, provide their management with a greater perspective on the digital ecosystem and equip their team with digital competencies and new skills.

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We collaborate with some Italian Universities to design digital marketing training programs that take into account the latest developments in the world online and the needs of the job market or for the spread of educational material through digital channels.

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For everyone

We provide free courses, blog posts and Masterclasses that are continuously updated and available on our channels or on the platform. We have recorded or broadcasted over 450 hours of lessons through online courses, masterclasses and webinars,, which always have both a theoretical and practical approach, thanks also to the presence of case studies and LIVE exercises .

See our courses

See our courses

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